Trigen Metatan

  • For high proximal fractures, mid-shaft fractures and distal fractures, stability and versatility
  • Antegrade femoral nail problems
  • Hip fractures in individuals with good bone stock or small femoral canals have no optimum treatment and proximal fractures, make compression difficult to achieve and sustain.
  • Mid-shaft fractures, anatomical variations in femoral bows and challenges, getting a good hold in the greater and lesser trochanters, while in femoral mode

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Distal fractures

Solution for TRIGEN META-TAN nails

  • Complex distal fourth fractures and periprosthetic fractures, are difficult to treat with appropriate and stable purchase
  • Uniplanar fixation can cause instability in the distal fragment

Hip fractures: In young patients and those with limited femoral canals are addressed by the proximal section of the nail, while the incorporated screws give rotational control and possible linear compression

Mid-shaft fractures: Length-dependent bows and an enhanced femoral mode screw angle, to fit patient anatomy

Distal fractures: Stability is provided for distal fourth fractures by three threaded, multi-planar sites of fixation