Trigen Meta Nail Femoral Retrograde

The newest member of the TRIGEN family of intramedullary nails is the TRIGEN META-NAIL Retrograde Femoral Nail. The Retrograde Femoral Nail is a thorough method for treating femoral fractures with a broad range of sizes. Fixation of complicated fractures can be improved by using polyethylene bushings and threaded screw holes.


  • Anatomic 2.0m AP
  • Nail cap secures most distal screw for extra attachment
  • Eliminating the distal Herzog Bend, improves the insertion location and makes it easier to place the implants
  • The bow reduces anterior cortical impingement and improves fit
  • Utilizes standard TRIGEN locking screws for system compatibility
  • Titanium alloy for strength, flexibility and biocompatibility

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The META-NAIL Tibial Nailing System’s increased, multiplanar fixation is available with the semi-extended approach, along with decreases in the proximal segment’s angle and imaging.